Who is honuio?

Tell me about yourself.

honuio is Mark Keigley, who writes as Mark Wolf

I am a 56 year old male.  I live in a tiny little shack, off the grid…read solar and generator power…my cellphone is my computer internet modem. I have an outdoor shower…..and I absolutely love my primitive and simple lifestyle.

I went west from Illinois in my 20’s to work for the Park Service and attend a Forestry school in Montana and ended up working in lumber mills for several years. A few years later found me building and living in a log cabin, marrying and divorcing and getting two beautiful sons from the deal whom I am very proud of.

A few years later I fought forest fires for the Forest Service and traveled all over the country. One of the crews I was on was the Prineville Hotshot Crew. The crew tragically lost half of their own in a fire in Colorado in 1994. A few years later I decided to be a missionary for an evangelical Christian group and served in building construction in Tonga and in Japan. I tend to be a bit Quaker in my world-view.

A few years later I worked in the building construction trades. Later,  I decided to start writing. Since then, I now have about 40 short stories published.

What motivated you to get into screenwriting?

The economy. Also, when I posted my short stories in the short story section of Zoetrope I had 3 different screen writers say my style of plot driven writing really lends itself to scripts and screen writing. I went to screenwriting.info and studied it…then went to Borders and bought a “Screenwriting for Dummies” book then downloaded celtx and jumped right in.

Surprisingly, I ended up as a top reviewer in short scripts right away and number one last month. What sparked the initial idea for your screenplay? I watched the success that Harry Potter and Twilight stories were having.

I think we all go through a phase of arrogant hubris where we think “Ye gods, I could write a better story than that.” Most people leave it at that. I think also I was getting tired of seeing all these beautiful little almost perfectly unflawed protagonists going through a story…a fairly predictable plot-arch too, btw. I thought: “What if?” “What if my protagonist is kinda scruffy, a criminal even? What if he has something he has already had to deal with and still is? In this case a wooden leg.

What if, unlike Luke Skywalker, he is sucked into the dark side for a time and has to battle his way back up out of it? Briefly describe your screenplay for those who haven’t had the chance to read it. Danny, (my protagonist) is a one legged street urchin and a terrible thief (tough to run with one leg)

The screenplay opens with him about to be hung for his thievery. He receives a Prince’s Pardon and an indenture to serve aboard the Prince’s privateer airship Recompense. He encounters strange creatures and human-like creatures aboard the ship and immediately attracts the interest of a Black Demon Sorcerer who takes Danny, who is not quite willing, for his apprentice.

Through a battle aboard ship the Sorcerer loses control of the Demon he uses to empower his spells and the demon takes him over and makes Danny go with him. The Demon (Drak) through spellcraft, forces Danny to fight alongside him, freeing other demons from their sorcerers until the two Kingdoms of Wesfarn and Dwenor are both in danger of being taken over by demons.

What would you like to get from the reviews you receive?

I mostly want to get the sense that the story grabbed them. I am just learning the format and expect to get my share of feedback on that, but really…did my characters make you want to follow them? Were the scenes vivid or huh?

What makes your screenplay worth a read while it’s live?

I think the twists on the classic beautiful 13 year old for starters. My protagonist has a dark side, even while being a pretty sweet kid. When is it live until? August 22nd or thereabouts.

Do you reciprocate reviews?


If yes, could you give a sense of how useful others have found your reviews to be?

Top 3 in short scripts a month ago April 2009 ( my 2nd month of writing scripts)…number 1 last month…I am just graduating to try and use the abbreviated number 4 version of the Zoe example in screenplays, so cut me some slack till I get up to speed.

Any last parting words on yourself, your script, or where you plan to go from here?

I have another short script up….called “Changegate, Episode 1” in the short scripts section atm. It is a work in progress. I would like to work it into a mini series like “The Room” or “Dune”.



“Torrance the Tidy Troll” children’s flash Spaceports and Spidersilk

“Rhinoplasty” SCI-FI flash flashscribe.net

“Getting Acquainted” SCI-FI flash flashscribe.net

“The Necrologist’s Daughter” fantasy short story Goldenvisions

“Moridon the Magnificent” children’s fantasy short story Spaceports and Spidersilk

“The Faeries Tooth” fantasy short story Liquid Imagination

“The Hit” sci-fi Goldenvisions

“Dragon’s Prerogative” fantasy Aurora Wolf

“Bubba vs. the Werewolf” horror/humor 69 Flavors of Paranoia

“The Ice Childe” fantasy/alternative Alaska Aurora Wolf

“Earl and the Cave Woman” sci-fi/humor Static Movement

“Earl and the Tree Men” sci-fi/humor Static Movement

“Earl and the Rod of Thoth” sci-fi/humor 69 Flavors of Paranoia

“Earl of the Sandwiche Islands” sci-fi/humor The Next Time: Alternate Reality/Time Travel Anthology

“The Ice Childe” fantasy/alternative Alaska Aurora Wolf 2010 Anthology

“Face Your Fears” fantasy/horror Inner Fears Anthology…sometime in 2010

“Letters From the Dead” zombie horror Letters From the Dead Print Anthology Library of the Living Dead Press

“The Reluctant Dragon” fantasy Kings of the Realm, A Dragon Anthology

“Mack the Zombie Trucker” horror/humor House of Horror

“Tickled” horror/humor Liquid Imagination’s New Writer’s Short Story Contest First Place!

“Road Kill” sci-fi/horror The Library of Horror presents… Alienology: Tales From The Void.

“Eight Arms Hug Better Than Two” horror House of Horror

“Dragon’s Prerogative” fantasy Dreams and Screams Anthology

“The Proving Ground” Hawaiian Mythology Eclectic Flash

“Earl and the Alien Encounter” sci-fi/humor 69 Flavors of Paranoia

“Good Riddance, Dragon” fantasy Aurora Wolf

“Strays” sci-fi Aurora Wolf

“The Vampire In The Sewers” horror 69 Flavors of Paranoia

“The Mute Dragon Lord” fantasy Lame Goat ezine

“Bear Ass Bare Lass” fantasy and “The Beast Corp” fantasy Of Mind and Metal Anthology Static Movement

“In Space No One Can Hear You Moo” sci-fi Deep Space Terror Anthology Static Movement

“Apeman” and  “The Hit” mainstream Hitman Anthology, Static Movement

“Killer Krill From Outer Space” sci-fi Moriganezine Three Crow Press

“Don’t Get in the Van!” Aurora Wolf’s New Fairy Tales anthology

“Danny O’Leary: Steamworks Apprentice”  Aurora Wolf online

“Jonnie Gas Boy” Oil Anthology Static Movement

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